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Third Eye Chakra: Basics


Name: Ajna (to receive and command)

Colour Indigo: Intuition, perception, concentration, introspection, higher mind, powerful, reliable, integrity, sincerity, wisdom.

Element Light: Illuminating everything as it is, without filters.

Location: Forehead, brow, third eye

Associated Body Parts: Brain, eyes, ears, sinuses, base of skull, temporal lobe, nervous system, pineal, pituitary.

Purpose: Pattern recognition

Identity: Creative

Orientation: Self-reflection

Basic Rights: The right to see


Issues: Image (archetype), intuition, imagination, insight, visualization, dreams, vision, symbols, clairvoyance.

Developmental Stage: Adolescence

Developmental Tasks: Establishment of personal identity, ability to perceive patterns.

Controls: Dreams, inner vision, spiritual direction and wisdom.

Governs: Life lessons around understanding, ‘reality checks', detachment, open mindedness, trusting your intuition and insights and developing your psychic abilities. Self-realization, releasing hidden and repressed negative thinking. Seeing things clearly (symbolically or literally), wisdom, intuition and intellect.

Balanced Characteristics: Intuitive, preceptive, imaginative, able to access and remember dreams, good memory, able to visualize, able to think symbolically.

TRAUMAS AND ABUSES What you see doesn’t go with what you’re told, invalidation of intuition and psychic occurrences, ugly or frightening environments (violence, war zones).

IMBALANCES OF THIS CHAKRA Learning disability, co-ordination problems or sleep problems.

DEFICIENCIES OF THIS CHAKRA Insensitivity, poor vision, poor memory, difficulty seeing the future, difficulties imagining alternatives, not remembering dreams, lack of imagination, denial, monopolized (one true and only way).

EXCESSES OF THIS CHAKRA Hallucination, delusions, obsessions, difficulty concentrating, nightmares.

HEALTH CONDITIONS Headaches, vision problems, pituitary gland problems, lower brain function problems (cerebellum and the central nervous system). Vomiting, visual effects, tremors, tiredness, tension headaches, tension, sty, sinus problems, scalp problems, short-sightedness, nervousness, nervous breakdowns, migraine, far-sighted, left eye problem, insomnia, hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, growth issues, glaucoma, fainting spells, ENT problems, ear-ache, dyslexia, dizziness, deafness, crossed eyes, chronic tiredness, cataracts, cancers, brain tumour, blood circulation to head, blindness, anxiety, amnesia and allergies.

Take time to note or highlight important aspects that relate to you.

Use this synergy blend to help get your Third Eye Chakra back into balance and keep it in balance.

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