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Sacral Chakra: Basics


Name: Swadhisthana (sweetness)

Colour Orange: Creativity, confidence, joy, enthusiasm, emotional balance, sexuality, harmony, passion, freedom, intuition, expression.

Element Water: Emotions flow through me

Location: Lower abdomen, sacral plexus

Associated Body Parts: Sex organs, prostate, bladder, intestines, hips, pelvis

Purpose: Movement and Connection

Identity: Emotional

Orientation: Self-gratification

Basic Rights: To feel and have pleasure

Demon: GUILT

Issues: Change, movement, flow, sensation, emotion, sexuality, desire, need, pleasure.

Developmental Stage: 6 to 24 months

Developmental Tasks: Sensate exploration of the world, locomotion

Controls: Sexuality, creativity, self-esteem, pleasures and frustrations.

Governs: Life lessons involving blaming and guilt, manifesting, money and prosperity, sex, power, control, and it is the base of you creativity and sense of morality. Information stored here involves feelings of duality, personal magnetism, your patterns of control, your sociability, and emotions and feelings.

Balanced Characteristics: Graceful movement, emotional intelligence, ability to experience pleasure, nurturance of self and others, ability to change, and healthy boundaries.

TRAUMAS AND ABUSES Sexual, physical and emotional abuse, neglect, volatile situations, coldness, rejection, manipulation, denial of feelings, lack of mirroring, restricted movement, religious or moral severity, anti-pleasure, alcoholic family.

INHERITED TRAUMAS AND ABUSES Parents who have not worked out their own issues around sexuality and untreated incest case.

IMBALANCES OF THIS CHAKRA May contribute to an eating disorder, drug or alcohol addiction, depression, and intimacy issues, and may contribute to impotence and frigidity.

DEFICIENCIES OF THIS CHAKRA Rigidity in the body and in attitudes, frigidity, fear of sex, poor social skills, denial of pleasure, excessive boundaries, fear of change, lack of desire, lack of passion, lack of excitement.

EXCESSES OF THIS CHAKRA Sexual addiction, sexual acting out, pleasure addiction, excessively strong emotions (hysteria, bipolar mood swings, crisis junkies), excessively sensitive emotions, poor boundaries, invasion of others, seductive manipulation, emotional dependency, obsessive attachment.

HEALTH CONDITIONS Disorders of reproductive organs, spleen, urinary system, menstrual difficulties, sexual dysfunction: impotence, premature ejaculation, frigidity, non-orgasmic, low back pain, lack of flexibility, deadened senses, loss of appetite for food, loss of appetite for sex, loss of passion and excitement for life. Womb problem, vomiting, uterine fibroids, testicular disease, stomach problems, prostate disease, premenstrual syndrome, over-eating, ovarian cysts, muscle spasms, miscarriages, menstrual problems, kidney problems, irritable bowel, impotency, hips, frigidity, fibroids, fertility, fear, cystitis, creative blocks, bladder, bedwetting, backache, alcohol and addiction to junk food.

Take time to note or highlight important aspects that relate to you.

Use this synergy blend to help get your Sacral Chakra back into balance and keep it in balance.

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