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Root Chakra: Basics


Name: Muladhara Mula - root adhara - support

Colour Red: Power, energy, vitality, dominance, action, assertion, creation, passion.

Element Earth: Conditions ‘we see material results'

Location: Spine, coccyx, perineum

Associated Body Parts: Kidney, adrenal glands, blood, skeletal system, legs, feet, spinal column, hips, rectum, immune system.

Purpose: Foundation

Identity: Physical

Orientation: Self-preservation

Basic Right: To be here and to have

Demon: FEAR

Issues: Physical body, survival, trust, health, foundation, nourishment, roots, grounding, home, family, prosperity, appropriate boundaries, safety, and security.

Developmental Stage: 2nd trimester to 12 months

Developmental Tasks: Physical growth, motor skills, bonding, object permanence.

Controls: Physical vitality, ‘flight or fight’ response, physical survival instincts, and the emotions of desire, anger, jealousy and greed.

Governs: Life lessons involving the material world, such as survival, and stores information involving family beliefs and loyalty, your ability to stand alone, superstition, instincts, physical pain, pleasure, or touch. Sense of safety and security.

Balanced Characteristics: Good health, vitality, stability, prosperity, comfort in body, sense of trust, ability to relax, ability to be still, feeling of safety and security.

TRAUMAS AND ABUSES Birth trauma, abandonment, surgery, physical neglect, poor physical bonding with mother, feeding difficulties, malnourishment, major illness, physical abuse, violent environment, enema abuse.

INHERITED TRAUMAS AND ABUSES Parents' survival fears ex. financial, poverty conditions, war veterans, holocaust, survivors, natural disaster.

IMBALANCES OF THIS CHAKRA Lost of interest in the ‘real world’ and practical survival, obsessions and addictions, volatile emotions, selfishness, restlessness and a lack of energy.

DEFICIENCIES OF THIS CHAKRA Disconnection from the body, fearful, notably underweight, anxious, restless, can’t settle, poor focus, poor discipline, financial difficulty, poor boundaries, chronic disorganization, lack confidence, self-destructive tendencies.

EXCESSES OF THIS CHAKRA Obesity, overeating, hoarding, material fixation, greed, sluggish, lazy, tired, fear of change, addiction to security, rigid boundaries, domineering, greedy, aggressive, manipulative.

HEALTH CONDITIONS Weight problems, weak legs, swollen ankle, stomach problems, spine problem, sciatica, rectal cancer, prostate cancer, pain at base of spine, obesity, money addiction, migraines, leg cramps, knee problems, kidney stones, hypertension, hips, hemorrhoids, gambling, frequent urination, diarrhea, depression, constipation, colitis, cold feet, bones, blood diseases, backaches, eating disorders, ankle problems, addictive behaviour, addictions, frequent illness and accidents.

Take time to note or highlight important aspects that relate to you.

Use this synergy blend to help get your Root Chakra back into balance and keep it in balance.

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