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Nature's Dose

---- founder Michele Petosa

At Nature's Dose, we believe in the power of nature to bring balance and healing to our lives. Our innovative health and wellness services offers a unique approach to healing designed to help create a healthier, happier you!


We combine natural healing frequencies found in nature - magnetism, light, oxygen, and aromatherapy with cutting edge science to help you achieve balance, harmony, and healing in all areas of your life. Our natural healing frequencies, therapies, remedies and personalized approach will elevate your mood, raise your vibration and help you reach a state of true well-being.


At Nature's Dose, our mission is to help you achieve true holistic wellness by using only the best natural products and treatments.


Meet Michele

Michele Petosa, having personally experienced stress and burnout, knows firsthand the challenges of a busy professional to sustain a healthy work-life balance. After taking a leave to prioritize her own health, she recognized that she could use her knowledge and experience to help prevent others from going through similar struggles.

Michele combines hands-on healing with natural biohacking technologies that restore the body’s natural healing process to address emotional stress, energy, mood, physical pain and other ailments. She integrates her credentials and experience into personalized programs that cater to each client’s unique needs, ensuring that her clients leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and empowered.


As the founder of Nature's Dose, she strongly believes in the power of nature to bring balance and healing to our lives. When people are equipped with the right tools to take care of their health and wellbeing, it benefits everyone!

Michele Petosa_edited.jpg
Michele website pics.png
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