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Crown Charka: Basics


Name: Sahasrara (thousand-fold)

Colour Violet: Imagination, spirituality, introspective, highest vibration in the visible spectrum, soothes the emotions, psychic ability, spiritual enlightenment.

Element Thought: Consciousness

Location: Crown, cerebral cortex, pineal

Associated Body Parts: Upper skull, skin, muscular, skeletal and nervous system.

Purpose: Understanding

Identity: Universal

Orientation: Self-reflection

Basic Rights: Universal Consciousness


Issues: Transcendence, immanence, belief systems, higher power, divinity, vision, union

Developmental Stage: Early adulthood and onward

Developmental Tasks: Assimilation of knowledge, loss of ego and development of wisdom.

Controls: Balances the inner and outer person and is the connection to the higher Self. It is the channel through which divine guidance, purpose and wisdom is received.

Governs: Life lessons to be learned through intuitive knowing, integration of the whole Self, spirituality, living in the now, discovery of the Divine, the ability to see the big picture in the stream of life, devotion, inspiration, values, ethics, trust, selflessness, humanitarianism. Includes your life’s purpose, your connection to past lives and immortality.

Balanced Characteristics: Ability to receive, analyze and assimilate information, intelligent, thoughtful, aware, open-minded, able to question, spiritual connection, wisdom, mastery.

TRAUMAS AND ABUSES Withheld information, education which hindered curiosity, forced religion, invalidation of one’s beliefs, blind obedience (no right to question or think for yourself), misinformation, lies, spiritual abuse.

IMBALANCES OF THIS CHAKRA Lack of purpose, loss of meaning or identity and mental instability.

DEFICIENCIES OF THIS CHAKRA Spiritual cynicism, learning difficulties, rigid belief system, apathy, excess in the lower chakras, materialism, greed, domination of others.

EXCESSES OF THIS CHAKRA Over intellectualization, spiritual addiction, confusion, dissociation from the body.

HEALTH CONDITIONS Coma, migraines, brain tumours, amnesia, cognitive delusions. Vomiting, tremors, tiredness, senile, dementia, schizophrenia, right-eye problem, psychosis, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, neurosis, nervous system disorders, multiple personality syndrome, multiple sclerosis, migraine, learning difficulties, insomnia, immune system, headaches, epilepsy, dizziness, depression, cancer, bone disorders and Alzheimer disease.

Take time to note or highlight important aspects that relate to you.

Use this synergy blend to help get your Crown Chakra back into balance and keep it in balance.

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