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Alpha Brain Waves

Alpha brain waves represent one pattern of electrical activity produced by the brain. The brain is made up of millions of neurons that use electrical signals to transmit information.

When groups of neurons fire together in a certain way to send signals to other groups of neurons, the resulting patterns are known as brain waves. These electrical patterns are associated with different types of activity in the brain as well as different states of consciousness.

Alpha waves usually occur when you are engaged in activities such as daydreaming, meditation or practicing mindfulness. Research suggests that this type of brain wave may play a role in reducing symptoms pf depression and improving creativity.

Types of Brain Waves

Delta waves, occur during deep states of dreamless sleep. 0.1 - 4 Hz

Theta waves, occur during light sleep and deep relaxation. 4 - 8 Hz

Alpha waves, occur when people feel relaxed and when the brain is in an resting state without concentrating on anything. 8 - 12 Hz

Beta waves, are the most conscious state, waking states. It is a fast activity that signals attentiveness and alertness. 12 - 35 Hz

Gamma waves, are the fastest wavelength brain waves that are linked to activities such as learning, problem-solving and information processing. 35 - 100 Hz

Hacking Alpha Waves

When the brain produces alpha waves, it is because it is in a state that is relaxed and restful. This is what people experience when they are engaged in stress-relieving activities such as meditation.

There is now research that suggests boosting alpha waves provided numerous benefits. Some of the most positive effects of boosting alpha waves include:

  • lowering stress levels

  • reducing anxiety levels

  • decreasing depression

  • improving creative thinking

The benefits of boosting alpha brain waves allows the brain to enter its natural 'resting state' of relaxation and recovery. The more time we allow the brain to recover from overactivity the healthier we are.

Source: What are Alpha Brain Waves?

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