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What is Mental Acuity?

Personal wellness has been focused on the physical body over the past years. Thankfully, more and more people are realizing the importance of brain wellness including interest in maintaining a healthy brain and cognitive 'sharpness', which refers to mental or cognitive acuity.

Brain performance, cognitive vitality and general brain wellness are becoming more common subjects of interest. Maintaining healthy brain function is imperative, if you're going to remain competitive and competent in the workplace, business, sports and creative endeavours.

Mental Acuity or Cognitive Acuity = Quality of Life

The term mental acuity and cognitive acuity refer to the same functions and abilities of the human brain.

Cognitive acuity refers to the following brain functions:

  • Information Processing - most important brain function in order to make sound and logical decisions with speed and accuracy.

  • Memory Storage - recoding and storing memories, short or long term, depends on your capacity to process information quickly and accurately and is directly related to your ability to process sensory information.

  • Attention - the brain's ability to focus on one task or a single sensory stimulus despite the presence of other environmental distractions. Directly related to effective situational judgement: a skill that is crucial for problem solving.

  • Situational Judgement - the ability to make sound decisions, judge and detect the correct response to any given situation. Particularly important in fast-paced environments, where split-second decisions are required.

Factors associated with cognitive acuity can be broken down to responses associated with focus and concentration, memory and understanding.

Factors of Deterioration:

Studies show that cognitive acuity deteriorates with age, but numerous factors like lifestyle, diet, fitness and general health all contribute to fluctuations, changes and declines.

  • Age - on average, as is the case with all organs, the brain's ability to perform its tasks and duties usually deteriorates over time. Therefore, older people are more susceptible to deficiencies in cognitive acuity, which include forgetfulness and focus.

  • Environmental - air and water quality as well as lack of exposure to light affect cognitive vitality.

  • Lifestyle - personal lifestyle choices like physical activity, diet, education, professional and leisure activities and duration of quality of sleep.

  • Blood Circulation and Blood Oxygenation - poor blood circulation and blood oxygenation can be contributing factors to declines in cognitive acuity.

  • Circadian Rhythm - activity/rest patterns and circadian rhythms are regulatory cycles in the brain. They manage your alertness and sleepiness on 24-hour cycles. Your brain will react to environmental changes based on this 24-hour circadian rhythm cycle.

Improving brain wellness and mental acuity is simple, safe and effective with the Veilight Neuro Alpha next-generation brain stimulation device.

Nearly all illness and disease starts in the brain!

Source: What is mental acuity?

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