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with a Dose of Nature!

PEMF Therapy

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with Michele Petosa
At Nature’s Dose we utilize the natural healing frequencies found in nature to stimulate the body’s natural regeneration process and evaluate your mood.

Our Ultimate Wellness Protocol uses PEMF, near-infrared, and oxygen to optimize your health and vitality. The aim is to encourage self-care practices that restore energetic balance, aid the body’s natural healing abilities and to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

After a dose of nature you will feel
refreshed and recharged!

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Stress & Anxiety

Reducing Symptoms
by over

84% Average in 1 Hour


Your Wellbeing

Now is the time to take control of your health and vitality. If there is one thing the last few years has taught us, it is that our health plays an integral role in our ability to perform well and manage stress. 

Treatment Benefits:

  • decrease inflammation 

  • increase blood flow and circulation

  • detox and boost immunity

  • lower cortisol levels

  • promote cellular rejuvenation

  • activate the parasympathetic nervous system

  • aid in faster healing and recovery

  • enjoy amazing anti-aging benefits.... and more!

These frequencies penetrate the body to stimulate healing where you need it most. Naturally improve many health concerns such as:

  • Stress, Anxiety, Sleep 

  • Depression, Panic Attacks

  • Mental & Emotional Exhaustion

  • Chronic Pain, Fatigue

  • Cognitive Function, Performance

  • Immune System, Cellular Health

  • Circulation, Inflammation, Hydration

  • Headaches, Migraines

  • Dis-ease in the Body ... and more!

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Nature's Dose
Ultimate Wellness Protocol

Magnetism + Light + Oxygen + Eo's

Natural Healing Frequencies

Complete Cellular Rejuvenation in just 20 Minutes

Safe & Effective Therapeutic Treatment


Improving Physical Health 

First, we have you lay on the Vasindux PRO+ PEMF Therapy mat. This device pulses an electromagnetic field (PEMF) consistent with the Earth's natural frequencies. These frequencies help remove harmful EMF's, revitalizing the body at the cellular level, enhance blood flow, stimulate the body's regeneration process, accelerates healing, improve circulation, oxygenation and immunity.

Improving Mental Health

Second, we use Vielight's Neuro Alpha3 brain wellness device. Alpha waves are correlated with the brain's resting state, offering support for relaxation, focus and creativity. The basis of all our thoughts, behaviour and emotions is the interaction between networks communicating with each other. Alpha brain waves, the 'resting state,' helps with developing overall mental coordination, mindfulness and stress management.


Ultimate Vibrational Energy

While the body is being stimulated, it's time to oxygenate every cell in the entire body through guided breathing techniques. Breathwork allows the body to enter a powerful state of consciousness. Bringing the body into harmony and balance, while elevating your mood and energy level.

Essential Oils
Discover the Healing Power

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in a therapeutic manner aimed to improve physical and psychological issues. Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of all natural substances. Enjoy custom made blends!



Workplace Wellness
Mobile Health Clinic
Lunch & Learn Workshops

We are a full-service wellness agency focused on helping companies create healthier and happier employees, improve workplace culture and drive productivity.

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Optimal HEALTH is a state of well-being.

WELLBEING is multi-dimensional - encompassing physical, mental, social, emotional and financial health.

WELLNESS is a practice.

It is an active, behaviour-focused pursuit of health, happiness and success in all areas of your life.

HOLISTIC HEALTH is an approach to life that considers all aspects of wellness and aims to achieve balance and healing of the whole person naturally. 

"Health and Happiness is your Right and Responsibility."

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'If you don't make time for your wellness...

you'll be forced to make time for your illness."

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