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Nature's Dose Stress Relief is an all-natural blend designed to reduce stress, relax the mind, and promote a better night's sleep.


This calming blend contains a mix of herbs such as chamomile, lavender, and valerian root to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. 


Enjoy the calming effects of Nature's Dose Stress Relief and experience a more relaxed and stress-free life.


Aromatherapy Blend:

  • Clary sage - calms nervous system, reduce blood pressure
  • Geranium - antidepressant, increases imagination; opens up the sensory world
  • Lavender - antidepressant; reduces anxiety, calms, nurtures; balances all body systems
  • Lemon - the 'happy' oil, uplifts, cleanses; expands energy outward
  • Neroli - supportive during emotional challenges, shock and trauma
  • Roman Chamomile - sedative; relaxing, calming nervous system
  • Vetiver - decrease mental fatige, improve alertness and brain function
  • Organic or cosmetic grade carrier oil


Inhale as needed. Massage 3-5 drops of the blend to pulse points and heart center.


Disclaimer: This does not take place of medical treatment.

Stress Relief

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