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Meet Michele


As founder of Nature's Dose, Michele provides a natural hands-on method of healing and use of general wellness devices to address the effects of stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, other ailments of dis-ease in the mind and body. She integrates her credentials and experience into her personalized approach to optimal health.

An estimator and project coordinator most of her career, Michele’s life changed drastically when personal trauma resulted in acute physical, emotional and mental health needs. Her journey toward health recovery led beyond conventional medicine to the natural healing arts which restored her physically and moved her career path to that of Alternative Health and Wellness.

Michele's approach to healing is to help her clients utilize the body's own natural healing ability to promote healing, balance and restore communication to the body/mind complex. She educates and empowers her clients with the tools to release on all levels, to help promote a healthy lifestyle, maintain and encourage good health.

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Conscious Choice | Inspired Action | Intentional | Vitality


To help people achieve optimal health, happiness and success in all areas of their life.


That every person lives consciously in their highest vibration.
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