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Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety discorder that can develop after experiencing a traumatic event. The event triggers the fight-or-flight response that our mind uses to protect our body.


A person with PTSD may experience flashbacks, bad dreams, or frightening thoughts. He or she may be easily startled, have sleep disorders, be angry, and/or feel constantly tense and on edge. 


Give the nervous system some support with these therapethic essentail oils.


Essentail Oils:

  • Bergamont - helps with anxiety, withdrawal, stress and depression
  • Roman Chamomile - for anxiety, rage, trauma and withdrawal
  • Geranium - for anxiety, trauma, stress, depression
  • Lavender - for anxiety, panic, stress, depression
  • Marjoram - deals with panic, trauma and stress
  • Neroli - for anxiety, withdrawal, stress, depression


Inhale as needed. Massage 3-5 drops of the blend to pulse points and heart center.


Disclaimer: This does not take place of medical treatment.


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