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Nature's Dose Grief Support is an aromatherapy blend designed to help you process emotions associated with grief. Made with a combination of carefully chosen essential oils, this blend provides a soothing, gentle environment to help you through the healing process.


Inside the limbic system of the brain are the amygdalae, which are responsible for storing and releasing emotional trauma. Amazingly, just the aroma of essentail oils can stimulate the amygdalae to support the grieving process.


Our Grief Support blend helps release, bring balance and harmony to your emotions, allowing for a more positive attitude and outlook.


Aromatherapy Blend:

  • Bergamot - uplifts depression, clears out negative energy
  • Lavender - antidepressant, calming, nurturing; balances emotions
  • Frankincense - quiets the mind, promotes tranquility
  • Neroli - extremely supportive during severe emotional challenges
  • Ylang Ylang - acts as a sedative and nervine
  • Organic or cosmetic grade carrier oil


Inhale as needed. Roll on wrists and behind ears.


It is our hearts and intestines that hold onto grief. With intense grief, you may notice your heart 'hurting' along with chest congestion and constipation. Massage blend directly on your chest 'heart center' and also over the solar plexus and lower abdomen to provide need support to your body.


* If you find your feelings too intense at time, keep peppermint close by to inhale; it will cool you, calm you and give you some needed respite.


Disclaimer: This does not take place of medical treatment.


Grief Support

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