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Our Beard Oil formula nourish hair follicles, helps condition the skin underneath while moisturizing and softening your beard. 


Enjoy this fresh, masculine lightly scented beard oil. Perfect for everyday use.


Therapeutic Blend:


CERDARWOOD: Replenishes moisture to dry skin, hydates, conditions and adds shine to the beard. Clean, fresh, masculine scent.


LAVENDER: Promotes healing, calming and balancing properties. Imparts anti-inflammatory and anti-septic action to maintain skin health. Reduces redness and aids in healing compromised skin.


ROSEMARY: Great for oily and acne prone skin, strong antiseptic, stimulates hari growth, treats dandruff and balances oils.


YLANG YLANG: Regulates and normalizes oil activity creating a more balanced complexion whilst potent anti-inflammatory actions reduce breakout redness.


JOJOBA OIL:  Nourishes with Omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, rich in vitamin E.


HAZELNUT OIL: Nourishes the skin and imparts benefits of vitamins A, B and E.


VITAMIN E - potent anti-oxidant neutralizes damaging free radicals.


Gently massage a few drops into beard at skin. Apply as needed.


100% All Natural



Beard Oil

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