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Our Focus aromatherapy blend is an energizing and uplifting blend designed to help you regain focus, clarity, and concentration. It is a blend of essential oils including clary sage, lemon, peppermint and rosemary, which offer therapeutic benefits such as improved memory and concentration, reduced stress, and improved mental alertness.


Focus is the perfect companion to help you stay alert and productive. This blend is an ideal aromatherapy choice for any busy lifestyle.


Aromatherapy Blend:

  • Clary Sage - stimulates creativity; supports emotional and energetic challenges
  • Lemon - uplifts and cleanses; increases creativity
  • Peppermint - awakens; clears energy; uplifts; stimulates 
  • Rosemary - boosts alertness; encourages clarity; strenthens the mind
  • Organic or cosmetic grade carrier oil


Inhale and roll on wrists and behind ears.


Disclaimer: This does not take place of medical treatment.


Excluding GST/HST
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