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Brain Health at a Glance

Brain Wellness
Brain Health

Brain wellness is gaining a lot of attention over the recent decade. Even younger adults under forty, are interested in supporting brain wellness. Statistical data is painting an unpleasant picture that shows a rapid increase of Alzheimers and dementia in our society. No wonder people are searching for ways to support and help their brain.

Brain stimulation and neural modulation are two areas where general wellness devices are gaining momentum. These devices can stimulate your brain and help boost your mental acuity.

So how does brain stimulation translate into brain health?

The simple answer is stimulation presumes that something will happen to change the current state of something. In this case it's the brain.

For example, some of you many have experienced slower reaction time or some sort of decline in mental focus. Such changes could happen because some of the neutrons may become hypoxic (deficient in the amount of oxygen) over time. There can be a number of reasons for such changes. Natural aging of the brain is one of them.

When this happens, your neural networks may not function as well as they once did. In this case, the focus of brain stimulation could be on improving mental acuity. Thus, light therapy could help stimulate the neutrons in the brain. Following stimulation, some of the hypoxic neurons could become active. They can start firing again and participating in the creation of stronger neural networks. As a result, this type of brain stimulation can provide support for the brain, lead to improvements in mental clarity and overall brain health.

Source: Brain stimulation devices boosting general wellness.

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