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Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing

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The Chakra Balancing series provides a solid understanding of the chakra system and insight to your own psyche. Here you will explore the foundation you have built your life on and tools to help you reroot your foundation to one that supports you. The SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra: The Power of Confidence Self-Esteem & Honour Code Release the limiting beliefs that no longer serving you. People usually look outside of themselves and blame others or the past for reasons why things are not working in their life. The one place you should look is within. At a certain point we need to make a conscious effort to understand that all our life experiences were necessary to bring us to this point... our life purpose, spiritual perspective and enlightenment. Here's what you will explore: ~ Take the Solar Plexus Charka personal assessment: Are you excessive, deficient or balanced? ~ Emotional issues, health conditions, related traumas and abuses ~ Healing strategies, tools and techniques that worked for me and can work for you too! ~ Affirmations, mudras, meditations, yoga postures to add to your spiritual practice. ENGAGE & INTEGRATE 3 steps to open and balance the Solar Plexus Chakra Here you will receive specific ENGAGE exercises and tools to INTEGRATE the changes you desire! ✨ Exporing ✨ Overcoming ✨ Creating Miracles in You! Conquer your fears and reclaim your right to be authentically you! No Apologies! No Fear! No Guilt! No Shame! Now is the time!

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